About us

“Splendore Unique fuses premium luxury with creativity giving birth to uniqueness.”

At Splendore Unique we endeavour to take our every clients request to its maximum potential allowing them to uniquely stand out from their existing crowd in class.

Because of the services we are able to offer being endless, we provide a consultancy service whereby we assist each client in developing specific requests and/or idea which is then manufactured.

We take great pride in welcoming every client, hence remaining “Forever Unique”

– Splendore Unique


Procedure overview

  • Customer request/ enquiry.
  • A member of the design team dialogues with customer.
    a) Customer already has design.
    i) Design team logs design and make professional amendments if required.

    b) Customer liaises with design team on idea.
    i) Design team put together a visual image of what client requires and sends proof designs till customer approves.
    ii) Once approved, final design is logged and client is made aware of the estimated time for production.

  • Production commences once client confirms and payment procedures have been undertaken.
  • Once the unique production is completed client is then informed by the delivery department who will arrange for a platinum service delivery to the recipients preferred delivery location.