Splendore Unique is a creative bespoke arts company that specialises in creating luxury watch dials; with our concepts resonating throughout the industry.

Splendore Unique is renowned for reintroducing the use of Eastern Arabic numerals to luxury watches circa 2013/14 and has since developed amazing recognition amongst the Middle Eastern community.

Our prime objective is to give each client the opportunity to personally connect with their timepiece via the unique designs of their dial.


1. Enquire

Get in contact with us if you are interested in a bespoke design and would like to know more information about the process.

2. Talk with a consultant

Gain more understanding of your enhanced interest surrounding bespoke dials and/or watches. We have a keen team on standby to assist you with all your queries. Our job is to ensure that you have a strong connection with your design.

3. Place order

Once you are happy, convinced, and satisfied with the process, it is now time to proceed with your unique idea.

4. Design watch/dial

It’s now time to create renders for your design. This is where you choose your watch/dial and we digitally make your ideas and inspirations a step closer to reality.

5. Confirm your design

Once you are happy with the final digital design, it is now time to process your idea and make it physical.

6. Production lead time

The production process takes on average, 7-12 weeks. This is based on how unique and complex your design is. This is the stage where we meticulously convert your digital design into reality.

7. Delivery

Your idea has finally become a reality. Your unique watch/dial has been checked, tested, and is therefore complete. It is making its way to you anywhere you may be in the world for you to admire and wear with absolute passion and admiration.


The lifestyle of bespoke watches and a premium level of dials personalisation.


We collaborate with the best creatives and brands in the world.


We uncover our artistic alter ego and showcase a unique way of connecting creativity with time.


The Splendore Unique podcast unveils the passion of bespoke dials, watches and everything that surrounds uniqueness.