Ahmed AlEmairi

Ahmed Al Emairi

Ahmed Al Emairi is a artist from Kuwait with unique skill with using pen and ink to create his work. This means, there are little to no mistakes with his work. Over the last few years, art has been a hobby of Ahmed but has evolved ever so much with projects with Samsung UK, Samsung EMENA, Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters, Taiba Hospital and Trapani Restaurant.

Ahmed Al Emairi Lines and Layers Dial

Lines and Layers

Lines and Layers by Ahmed Al Emairi

The dial project was unique and its uniqueness led me to think of something unusually different in dial art which was by adding layers to the dial. The artwork consists of three layers, the Alhambra Palace in Spain, the mountain range, and the sky which are situated accordingly.

The project took two days and the main challenge was cutting out the layers with a tiny blade.  Working with very limited space with very little room for error was also very challenging for Ahmed. 

But as a true artist, everything and anything is possible – The work of art was finally realised and we now have today was he calls “Line and Layers“. 

The dial consists of several layers of high-quality paper cut out to create the shapes of the mountain landscape, and more layers to create the Palace. The lines are the finishing touch used to create the atmosphere and character on the dial. 


Lines and Layers by Ahmed Al Emairi
Lines and Layers by Ahmed Al Emairi