Aladdin Abdeen

Aladdin Abdeen is a self-taught Jordanian artist, born in 1976. Despite studying Business Administration and working in the HR field for several years, Aladdin discovered a natural talent and artistic sense within himself. Motivated by his passion for oriental art, he dedicated himself to developing his skills, transforming his innate abilities into a flourishing artistic career. Beyond the confines of his initial professional journey, Aladdin Abdeen has become a notable figure in the art world, guided by an unwavering commitment to his craft.

ALADDIN ABDEEN "Moon Gold Dust" DateJust 41 dial

Moon Gold Dust

Moon Gold Dust DateJust 41 Dial by Aladdin Abdeen

In 2006, Aladdin embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing his own company in Amman, Jordan, named “Aladdin Artwork.” This marked a significant step in his artistic career, allowing him to showcase his distinctive vision and creativity.

Aladdin’s impact transcended national borders as he actively participated in numerous local and international events in Jordan, garnering several rewards and accolades for his exceptional artistry. In 2014, he extended his artistic footprint to the UAE, engaging in various group exhibitions and contributing to the vibrant art scene of the region.

Driven by a profound goal, Aladdin strives to breathe new life into oriental and Islamic civilization through a fresh perspective, ensuring that its beauty is both evident and reflected in his creations. This commitment to cultural revival has earned him recognition, with Dubai Culture officially authorizing him in 2021. Furthermore, the UAE government honored Aladdin with the prestigious Golden Visa as an Artist, acknowledging his significant contributions to the artistic landscape.

We asked Aladdin what his inspirations were and he answered with the following:

“With regard to the inspiration for my dial, it was taken from the moon, and the colours of combination between the white, gold and the shades if gray reflects the moon as I see it. Moreover and in my view the only challenge I faced was the size of the dial but it was manageable. The materials that I used were acrylic colors with gold powder.”