Ali Al Fardan is a Bahrain artist that is member of the Fine Art Society since 1989. Ali uses his art to express himself as a visionary -looking into the future. His art has been displayed in a number of  art galleries across the Middle East.

Ali Al-Fardan DateJust 41 Dial


“I had the honor to participate in the Themeless Art Project by special invitation by the British company Splendore Unique where I was commissioned to paint on a watch dial”.

“I’ve chosen my idea very carefully to represent a look to the future. In fact, I chose a very specific type of bird in my drawing, and I drew it looking to the future through time with sandy ground and a blue sky.

I’ve really enjoyed going through this new and unique experience. It was an interesting challenge and a great addition to my career as an artist.

The project took me around 3 days.