Areej Alsalem

Areej Alsalem

Introducing Areej Hamad Alsalem, a Kuwaiti artist and student at Kuwait University, majoring in GIS.

Areej has left an indelible mark as the First Kuwaiti woman to secure the 3rd Place among Middle Eastern countries in the Kuwait Competition for Arabic Calligraphy in 2013. Her artistic journey extends beyond accolades, as she actively participates in various local events in Kuwait and has been featured on different TV and radio shows across Kuwait and Gulf countries.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Areej is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of artists. She imparts her knowledge by teaching calligraphy courses for both adults and children at Coaching Institution, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of Kuwait. Areej Hamad Alsalem embodies passion, skill, and a commitment to advancing the art of Arabic calligraphy.

Flitter Away Time - Areej Alsalem

Your Time is Gold

Embarking on this project was no small feat. As a calligrapher, my challenge was to carefully choose words that would resonate with people. “Your time is Gold” was the chosen phrase, offering a dual perspective; it can also be read as “Flitter away time” when reversed. The interpretation relies on the reader’s psychological state, allowing them to connect with the message in their own way.

The execution spanned four months, a testament to the precision and care demanded by the small surface. The intricacy of the work required a meticulous approach, but the end result was a resounding success. The project came to life with the aid of a laser, capturing the essence of the message: the value of time as gold.