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Asma Alrashed

Introducing Asma Alrashed, a distinguished Saudi artist hailing from Riyadh, specialising in Islamic arts and weaving a touch of everything into her creations.

Time Is Gold

Witness the captivating artwork named “Time is Gold,” a testament to Asma’s artistic brilliance and philosophical depth. In this masterpiece, she explores the evolution of illumination through the centuries, symbolizing the preciousness of time akin to gold. The infusion of turquoise and golden hues, coupled with authentic 24K gold powder, bestows a profound artistic value upon the piece.

Asma employed a rich palette of materials, including gold powder, gouache, acrylic, and natural substances like Arabic gum. The meticulous three-week process, comprising two weeks of research and sketches and one week for implementation, reflects her dedication to craft.


While navigating the challenges of working with precision in confined spaces was second nature to Asma, the true hurdle lay in the extensive research. Unraveling the historical essence of the design and infusing it with creative distinction demanded careful consideration.

“Time is Gold” is not just a dial; it’s a testament to Asma Alrashed’s artistic prowess, creativity, and her ability to infuse profound meaning into her creations.