The esteemed Qatari calligrapher, Fatma Al Sharshani, has become a prominent figure in the art world, cultivating her skillful penmanship and garnering acclaim over the past several years. Despite graduating with a degree in Chemistry and Food Science from Qatar University, her true passion lies in the expressive art of calligraphy.

For Fatma, calligraphy serves as a powerful conduit to share her creative vision with the world. Embracing the meditative calmness it offers, she finds solace in continuously refining her skills in various calligraphic styles, including Diwani, Moroccan Calligraphy, Thulth, and Fine Art. In 2018, she founded Qaif, a venture whose name holds dual meanings: Mood and How?

Setting herself apart, Fatma pioneers the calligraffiti style, seamlessly blending calligraphy with graffiti to create visually striking and captivating pieces. Her artworks are characterized by a harmonious blend of simplicity and depth, highlighting the inherent beauty of Arabic letters.

Breaking barriers in a male-dominated field, Fatma achieved a groundbreaking feat by single-handedly decorating the D-Ring underpass—a trailblazing accomplishment for women artists in Qatar. Her artistic contributions extend beyond borders, with notable participations in various exhibitions and collaborations. From the Jedari Art initiative with Qatar Museums to the Katara Horse Festival and collaborations with renowned establishments like Galeries Lafayette, Fatma’s artistic journey resonates globally.

In 2022, she left an indelible mark on the Al Tadamon Tunnel (D-Ring underpass), adding another milestone to her list of achievements. Noteworthy joint exhibitions, including the 21/21 exhibition organized by Katara, the Alhoush exhibition, and the Khat exhibition with Ewan Gallery, further solidify Fatma Al Sharshani’s position as a trailblazer and influential force in the world of calligraphy and art.


“My inspiration behind the dial was part of a poem—a reminder to those who look at this dial that difficulties have a time and that after difficulties comes relief.

The project took me 10 days, and the material that I used was ink on paper, then printed on the dial to be in a half-moon shape.”

Fatima Al Sharshan