Maryam Alassiri

Maryam Alassiri

Renowned artist and sculptor Maryam Alassiri has etched her artistic journey onto the global canvas, participating in exhibitions in  Doha, Algeria, and Berlin. Her creative odyssey serves as a bridge, connecting different worlds through the universal language of art.

Soft Ferocious

Alassiri’s commitment to artistic exploration led her to the esteemed Doha Fire Station, where she became a participant in the second Residence program. This experience, nestled in the heart of cultural exchange, allowed her to refine her craft and draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of the art world.

Her artistic impact extends far beyond exhibition spaces, with notable acquisitions by prestigious institutions and collectors. Alassiri’s works have found a permanent home in revered locations such as The Amir’s Palace, H.H Sheikha Moza’s collection, the Qatar Museums Authority, and Metro Qatar. Additionally, governmental bodies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, have recognized and celebrated her contributions, solidifying her position as a cultural ambassador.

In the hands of discerning fine art collectors in Qatar, Alassiri’s creations become more than mere possessions; they embody a celebration of her ability to evoke emotion and captivate audiences. Maryam Alassiri stands as a luminary in Qatar’s flourishing art landscape, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary expression.

In the realm of artistic expression, Maryam Alassiri’s work transcends the ordinary, delving into the profound connections between human nature and animal instincts. With a discerning eye, Alassiri captures the intricacies of strength and ferocity inherent in each individual, while skillfully weaving in the essential gentleness found in other beings.

Alassiri’s latest creation, a testament to her mastery, unfolds as an 8-day journey that unveils the depths of her artistic prowess. The chosen materials, a thoughtful fusion of acrylic and oil paints, reveal a harmonious marriage of mediums. Each stroke, a deliberate dance between passion and technique, is preserved under the protective sheen of UV liquid, ensuring the longevity of the artistic narrative.

In this captivating artwork, Alassiri’s ability to mirror the internal dichotomies within individuals becomes apparent. Her creation serves not only as a reflection of the intricate balance of primal instincts and tender nuances but also as a testament to her unwavering commitment and exceptional skill in bringing forth a visual masterpiece. Maryam Alassiri’s artistic journey is one that beckons viewers to explore the depths of human nature through the lens of her unique and captivating perspective.

Soft ferocious DateJust 41 dial by  Maryam Alassiri