Muna Al Bader


Muna Al Bader, a distinguished Qatari artist and the ambassador of Qatar’s art, is an alumna of the Fire Station Artist in Residence program. In recent years, Muna’s artistic journey has delved into the expression of intrinsic human emotions, with a specific focus on the intertwined nature of happiness and sadness. Much like the yin and yang, these emotions coexist in a delicate balance, each unable to exist without the other. According to Muna, the equation of life revolves around the recognition of this concept — the profound understanding that happiness and sadness are inseparable and omnipresent forces.

Muna Al Bader DateJust 41 Dial - Blue dhow

Blue dhow

Initially, Muna employed a unique palette of blue color shades to symbolize these conflicting emotions. Her paintings became a canvas for exploring the theme of Qatar’s heritage, intertwining the rich cultural backdrop with the complex and universal tapestry of human emotions.

Sailing between the tranquil blue of the sky and the deep, mysterious waves of our rich history in the Arab world, my blue ship embarked on a poetic odyssey. As it charted its course through the currents of time, weaving past the echoes of ancient cities, it found itself drawn towards the enchanting allure of London, the capital veiled in its signature fog.

The azure skies above mirrored the vast expanse of possibilities, and the undulating waves beneath carried the tales of generations. Each ripple whispered secrets of the past, and every gust of wind bore witness to the resilience of cultures intertwined with history. The journey, akin to a lyrical narrative, was an exploration of cultural currents and historical tides.

Arriving in London, the city of mist-laden charm, the ship navigated through the fog, adding an ethereal quality to its odyssey. The capital, with its blend of modernity and tradition, became a unique chapter in the ship’s voyage—a meeting point of diverse histories, where the hues of the Arab world melded with the nuanced shades of London’s cultural tapestry. This convergence created a mesmerizing tableau, where the blue ship became not just a vessel but a metaphor for the shared threads that bind diverse histories and cultures, spanning the expanse from the Arab world to the heart of London.