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Reem Al Rawi is an international artist & designer whose works has been strongly affected by diverse cultural backgrounds. With an artistic style mixed between architectural concepts and free forms of Arabic calligraphy, her pieces are outcomes of social and cultural references.

Along with being a University Lecturer, holding a Masters of Architecture degree from Carleton University, she is a participant in international exhibitions, and architectural competitions and contributed to planning a number of fundraising events in support of international charities.

Reem Al Rawi DateJust 41 Dial

Time Is Passing

Reem Al Rawi Rolex DateJust 41 Dial

The art dial design is a conceptualized and simplistic execution of the idea of Time.  Minimal and freestyle of Arabic calligraphy is used to emphasize the importance of the passing of time in our daily lives as we continuously keep track of it on our wristwatches. 

The materials used (acrylic paints/acrylic markers)

The project took approx. 3 days to complete.