Shatha AlShammari

Shatha Al-Shammari

Shatha Al-Shammari, a remarkable individual straddling the realms of engineering and art, seamlessly transitions from the rigor of an engineer with the sunrise to the expressive world of an artist with the sunset. From her childhood, a spirited debate between Art and Science echoed within her, leading her to a profound realization that being an artist and a scientist is a parallel journey. A graduate in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from Texas A&M University, she pursued an MBA from the University of Manchester and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Engineering degree at Texas A&M.

Glittering Eye DateJust 41 Dial by Shatha Al-Shammari

Glittering Eye

shatha alshammri glittering eye

In her professional journey at Qatar Airways, she intertwines her engineering expertise with her artistic flair, holding positions such as a Senior Engineering Development Engineer in Cabin Interiors and now an Engineering Manager in Reliability Systems. The aviation industry has not only allowed her to explore the world but also enriched her soul with art, contributing to her personal development.

Shatha’s artistic endeavors find expression through acrylic and oil paints, along with mixed media techniques, creating rich textures in her works. Her focus on painting portraits stems from the belief that human faces are open books, with eyes acting as the “windows to the soul.” She honed her skills through workshops by renowned artists in Qatar and Europe, showcasing her art at prestigious exhibitions since 2013.

The dial, aptly named “Glittering Eye,” draws inspiration from Roald Dahl’s profound words, encouraging us to uncover magic in unexpected places. For Shatha, painting portraits is an exploration of the unspoken language conveyed through the eyes. Using oil paints, she dedicated a mere two hours to transform the small dial into a masterpiece, overcoming the challenges posed by its diminutive size with meticulous attention to detail and the use of fine brushes.


Shatha Al-Shammari’s artistic journey is a testament to her ability to infuse magic and emotion into every stroke, turning a miniature canvas into a captivating narrative of dual passions and boundless creativity.