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London based painter William Heard specializes in Impressionism, Cubism, and Abstract art. Harmony and symbolism play important roles in his work, emphasizing unity and interconnectedness. Ultimately, his work brings tranquility and reminds one of art’s uplifting potential.

Despite initially pursuing a career in music following his education, his innate passion for drawing continued to call out to him, urging him to explore and develop his own unique artistic style. As his paintings started getting bigger and bigger, Will found the grandiosity of a painting would help cut through the pain and stress of life and leave him engulfed in love. Giving him access to hope at any time.
“A paintings effect on the overall ambiance and energy of a room is very much held within the colour, size and composition of the piece. I feel a duty to bring about harmonious and soothing art. Giving us a break from how hard life can be and bringing to the forefront how beautiful it is.“


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