Heba Abed

Heba Abed

Heba Abed is a Saudi artist and designer, Heba was born in Jeddah. She holds a master degree in fine art.

The artist showed her work in a few important exhibitions such as Shara exhibition- Al-mansouria Foundation, Dayer ma yedoor 21.39, Islamic art festival in Sharjah museum, Misk art main gallery, X edition of the Florence Biennial, RomArt Biennale 2015, the 55th Venice Biennale 2013 as part of the collateral exhibition Rhizome, curated by Edge of Arabia, and the Art weeks in Jeddah. Her art works have been collected by many collectors including Shangri-La Hotel Jeddah-SA and Four Seasons Hotels.

Heba Abed Dial
Heba Abed and Dial

When I was working on this piece I was in a very bad place in life, I was stressed and I felt like life was dull, So I chose to draw this self-portrait and chose these colors because each color represented feelings I wanted to feel at that time. 

This piece took me 5-6 days, I used acrylic colors and varnish. I didn’t face any challenges since I’ve previously worked with miniatures. The only challenge I faced was the dial texture, it was new for me and I enjoyed the experience. My inspiration was the colors of nature and how each color represents a feeling, whether a feeling I was feeling at the moment or a feeling I wanted to feel after my hard times passed.

Heba Abed in the studio