The Day-Date is also strongly associated with the Rolex brand. The the day feature and date feature allows you to read what day of the week it is and what the date is, respectively.

Like the "DateJust", the "Day-Date" features can be found in other brands.


what day is it?

Its full name is Oyster Perpetual Day-Date and was presented by Rolex in 1965. The public immediately understands that it was an unrivalled watch, thanks to its innovative 12 o’clock window that indicates the full day of the week.

Rolex initially produced the day wheel in 11 different languages, but given the planetary success of this milestone, today you can choose from as many as 26. The caseback has a slightly domed appearance, reminiscent of the previous bubble-backs, due to the thickness given by the automatic mechanism and the two day and date wheels.



The customisation of Day-Date dials is a step further from the DateJust. An additional window is created with much precision in order give you line-of-sight of the days in the week.

We offer a wide range of options on client request such as the natural stone dials where we source the stones and create a dial from it, to designing dials with your favourite combination with your country emblem.

Bespoke dials from Splendore Unique are exceptional and allows you to explore your imagination.

Day Date

Bespoke Platinum Day-Date watch

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Black Onyx Day-Date Dial


Bespoke Tudor Arabia Day-Date



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