1. Do you customise watches or dials?

We can do both. We specialise in bespoke dials however, we are very capable of coating watches in DLC for example, diamond setting, engraving, etc.


  1. Do you provide warranty?

Yes, we provide a standard 2-year warranty for all the bespoke work we do on dials and watches. For instance, if we customise a watch dial, we provide warranty for the dial. We do not touch the movement, therefore we can not provide warranty on that.


  1. Can you provide the watch with a bespoke dial?

Yes, we can. This will have an influence on the final price depending on our scare the base model watch is sought after in the [luxury] watch market. We only purchase watches before customisation on request of the client.


  1. How do you purchase the base watch?

We purchase watches via respected and reputable watch dealers around the world.


  1. Are the watches customise; genuine?

Yes. If you decide to purchase a watch with  customisation, we ensure that the base watch is genuine.


  1. Does the custom watch come with the original warranty card?

Yes, it does if you request to have it. We take a picture of the warranty card for our records also.


  1. If I customise a watch with a bespoke dial, will I also be able to keep the non-bespoke dial too?

Yes, you can have the non-bespoke dial but there will be an additional fee for this.


  1. Are there any limitations to what I can design on a dial?

No. You are able to have anything on a dial such as logos, pictures, initials, diamonds, artwork, etc.


  1. How long does it take to create a bespoke dial and/or watch?

Typically, it takes on average 6-9 weeks but this can change to a number of things such as a very intricate bespoke request which will take much longer. A pandemic that can slow down the process due to reduced labour, etc.


  1. Do you provide good quality work?

Yes, we do. We have a long-standing reputation for attention to detail. Each dial that leaves our workshop has been checked by our specialists who have had decades of experience.

  1. Do you ship globally?

Yes, we do. An additional fee will be added if you would like us to ship your product to you anywhere in the world. You also have the opportunity to have your order picked upon request.


  1. Do you add VAT?

Our prices do not include VAT. However, if you are based in the UK, VAT will be added to your final order.


  1. Can I create a bespoke design that no one else can have?

Yes, this is possible. If you would like this ultimate exclusivity, this will be discussed with a member of our team in much finer detail.


  1. Where is your company based?

We are based in the UK with workshops between the UK and Germany.


  1. Would it be possible to visit your office?

We are an online business that operates for an undisclosed workshop. This is to negate the risk of our clients’ high-value projects being compromised.


  1. How long has your company been running for?

Splendore Unique has been officially established since 2015