The Mecca design concept originated from a client's request to connect to his religious beliefs. We looked at several references around the world and possible options of what could we come up with that would resonate with the client the most. We wanted to make it special.

mecca collection

calligraphic art

First introduced introduced in 2015, from being part of a presentation to a clients open request, to a global renowned design found on watch dials.
Requests have been made for clients with this design from watches such as Rolex and Audemars Piguet models to Swatch models.

The Mecca design originates from the door of the Kaabba which can be found in Mecca. The calligraphy on the door is what we have used to create a piece of art on watch dials.



Designing Mecca dials gives clients the ability to connect with their watch from a religious point of view. We do our best to ensure a high level of detailing is undertaken.

A custom Mecca dial in any watch does not interfere with the movement of your timepiece. Splendore Unique gives you the option to be unique and have something that connects with you personally.

dial chrono

The Mecca Royal Unique Chronograph dial

Swatch Mecca 3 wrist shot

Swatch Mecca 3 wrist shot

Mecca Drive de Cartier dial

Mecca Drive de Cartier dial



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