Omega and Swatch team up to create the MoonSwatch. This is considered the cheaper version of the Speedmaster “Moon Watch” originally designed by Omega and considered one of Omega’s most sought-after pieces in their range of collections.


As you read on you will be introduced to a concept collection that we designed. This is not for sale!!!

It’s a genius move to recreate a cheaper variation of their timepiece with Swatch featuring 11 variants with designs based around planets.

In good fashion, Splendore Unique likes to always add a touch of ‘bespokeness’, especially with the dials of watches we redesign for art and creativity.

The following are concepts of the MoonSwatch series with Hindi-Arabic numerals.

At Splendore Unique we are renowned for applying beautiful Hindi-Arabic numeral fonts on the dials of watches.


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Even though Omega and Swatch are under the same Swatch Group, this happens to be their first official collaboration.

It is nice to see that this fun project was developed and made public.

Unfortunately, we will not be selling this piece as a custom variant but we will be looking forward to sharing some more of our unique designs with you.

The MoonSwatch comes in a variety of different colour combinations to match the different planets for this series.

We have added our design touch to create some cool concept ideas that is for a demographic that we resonate with. Check the images out and let us know your thoughts.