AlAnoud Al-Ghamdi DateJust 41


AlAnoud Al-Ghamdi DateJust 41



colour of the dial: Blue with calligraphy

finish of the dial: Sunburst

numerals: n/a

Brand/Model compatibility: Rolex DateJust 41

condition: New

warranty years: 2

movement: Calibre 3235

bracelet/strap: Steel Oyster


Splendore Unique collaborates with Qatari artist AlAnoud Al-Ghamdi to create a limited edition design. This design is a blend of traditional and modern art in one:  
  • Calligraphic design that mirrors in four sections of the dial
  • AlAnoud’s signature is placed just above the 6 o’clock position on the dial
  • The dial base colour is a beautiful sunburst blue
  • The calligraphy is a raised print with a specialist technique to enhance the depth of the dial

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