Bespoke Dial Design


Note: This will be a digital render of your requested design and will be a partial deposit for your request. The lead time for this will be 7-10 working days. You are able to make a number of changes to your design. However, this must be for the SAME model. Should you change the model of your request, this will be considered a new design request and therefore a new charge will be incurred. The ‘design fee’ will be deduced from the final quoted amount should you confirm within 7 days (The last day for confirmation will conclude at 5pm UK time). Should you confirm after the 7 days has elapsed once the rendered art work has been delivered to you via email, will result to the design fee no longer serving as a partial deposit but as a one off fee. The above fees are non-refunfable, so we advise for you to keep in communication with our design team regularly for updates.