Black Hole Numerals - Hindi Arabic - Number 1 - Splendore Unique

Black Hole Numerals – Hindi Arabic – Number 1


The “Black Hole Numerals” series – Number 1

Limited print to 24 pieces in A2 size (300gsm paper) with each signed with SUA (Splendore Unique Art) and numbers out of 24.

This piece of art does not come with a picture frame.

The piece of art is rolled and shipped in a tube of 50cm in length and 10cm in diameter.

Global Shipping available (Please allow 5-7 working days).

24 in stock


The Black Hole Numerals series is limited to 24 pieces. Number 1 (in Hindi Arabic) is the first of this amazing artistic concept.

This piece of art brings attention to the use of numeral symbols that are seen on clocks (in a different language).

Splendore Unique has put a creative but yet artistic twist to it where you can connect with this amazing piece of art.

Mimicking the movement that can take place in a black hole, allows you to positions this piece of art in any direction on your wall.