Green Crown Brushed DateJust 41 Dial



colour of the dial: Silver

finish of the dial: Matte Brushed

numerals: n/a

Brand/Model compatibility: Rolex Datejust 41

condition: new

warranty years: 2

movement: Calibre 3235


The Green Crown Brushed DateJust 41 Dial is a unique dial among its peers. The electric green colour coated crown is a very subtle bespoke feature but yet very bold. ‘SPLENDORE UNIQUE’ situated below the 6-hour marker is also in the same colour electric green to match the crown at polar opposite positions. The vertically brushed matte finish is also a unique feature that is not commonly seen on watch dials. There are no numbers on this dial to indicate the hours of the day but for watch collectors, this is a feature that can be overlooked when admiring the simplistic boldness of the dial.