Ice Blue Hindi-Arabic DateJust 41 Dial


Ice, Ice Baby

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The Ice Blue Datejust 41 dial from Splendore Unique has consistently been in high demand since its debut in 2019.

Its distinctive ice blue colour, closely associated with the GCC and popularised in the region, is complemented by darker hue blue Hindi-Arabic hour markers, a design exclusive to Splendore Unique.

This unique dial, with its enduring popularity over several years, offers collectors an extraordinary and distinctly individual timepiece, setting them apart from those with more conventional designs.

The lead time for shipment is 4-8 weeks.

Please note that this dial is for model 126XXX (the XXX is the suffix number combination relative to your watch). We ask that you check your model number before placing an order since every dial is made-to-order and we can’t be responsible for an error in your dial model choice.

Splendore Unique maintains no affiliation with Rolex SA. Every request is meticulously crafted on a made-to-order basis, tailored to meet the specific demands and preferences of our discerning customers.

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