Moroccan Geo DateJust 41 Dial


Geometric Art

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Moroccan architecture and tile design are considered some of the most amazing designs from North Africa and recognised globally.

The repetitive geometric patterns, both inside and outside buildings across the country, are unrivaled. The use of colours is also mesmerising and hypnotic when you observe the continuity and positioning throughout the space it occupies.

Geometric patterning is a significant aspect of Moroccan architecture that dates back centuries. If we trace the origin of geometric patterns, we find that they first gained popularity through Morocco’s Islamic traditions and heritage. As captivating as it is, geometric patterning has only become more popular in Islamic regions.

Splendore Unique has been inspired to incorporate these beautiful works of art onto watch dials for some of the most luxurious watches coveted by collectors around the world.

The “Moroccan Geo” is the first of many designs that Splendore Unique will present as a bespoke offering to those who love such designs and can connect with the North African heritage from which they originate.

Now available upon request on the DateJust 41 as a dial and complete watch.


Made to order on client request with an average lead time of 8-15 weeks.

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