Tissot Tiffany PRX Powermatic 80 Dial


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colour of the dial: Tiffany Blue

finish of the dial: n/a

numerals: Batons

Brand/Model compatibility: Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 (40mm)

condition: new

warranty years: 1

movement: Automatic

We just gave you a fun alternative

The Tissot Tiffany colour dial is a concept that takes its inspiration from the popular colour trends in watches.  The “Tiffany Blue” colour has been one that has taken the world by storm and we have decided to give a visual representation of a dial-only representation. The Tiffany Tapisserie aka the waffle dial is a unique approach on colour and connectivity with the current demographic of watch lovers who want something a little bit different. This is a special edition of 50 pieces. Please note that when ordering there is a current lead time of approximately 8 weeks +. We are doing our best to conclude orders for this watch sooner than later. For further information please contact us at info@splendoreunique.com