Tudor Tiffany Blue Black Bay Arabia Chrono 41 Dial


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colour of the dial: Tiffany Blue

finish of the dial: Matte

numerals: Silver Coloured Hindi-Arabic

Brand/Model compatibility: Tudor Black Bay Chrono 41

condition: new

warranty years: 2

movement: Calibre: Manufacture Calibre MT5813 (COSC)

The New Wave

Tudor Tiffany Blue Black Bay Arabia Chrono 41 Dial is a special design inspired by several great moments in the world of Splendore Unique and the world of horology as a whole. The Hindi-Arabic numerals have been a trend Splendore Unique has re-introduced to the world of horology and dial designs. The hour markers as well as the sub-dial markers are all in Hindi-Arabic numbers. The sub-dials are in black with Hindi-Arabic markers. This gives a “Panda” look or otherwise “Tiffany Panda” appearance. Acquire one of these unique dials if you want be different to the millions of the base model owners and simply have a specialist switch the dials around for you to stand out. Lead time is approximately 8-15 weeks from day of your order.